Bitcoin Skull

Bitcoin Skull

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The Bitcoin-inspired painting.

The skull by Issey:

– A skull is hard and inflexible which enables it to protect the brain and nervous system underneath. 

These qualities represent the base layer of bitcoin which is the hardest form of money and is firm and uncompromising in its rules. 

– The skull represents the death of money as constructed a  Fiat Ponzi scheme and the emergence of bitcoin as a hope for a better currency.

– The coin in the mouth in many cultures symbolizes the last journey of life.

– The Bitcoin being situated in the mouth represents how bitcoin is a black hole and will devour the existing traditional stores of values.

–  The skull also serves a symbolic purpose such as being worn as a magical protection charm. Bitcoin will protect everyone’s savings against the debasement of currencies. 

– Finally, the skull looks badass just like Bitcoin ??

The background by Yoshi:

We had a lot of fun thinking about the background of the painting. We came up with the idea of spirits to portray leading figures in the bitcoin world that had influenced us on our journey down the rabbit hole. 

Yoshi’s spontaneous style and creative use of figures were perfect for this. 

We went back and forth on who we wanted to include as influential characters. It was impossible to include everyone though, and it was personal to each of us whom we eventually chose to include. 

The spirits are intertwined with images of the bitcoin world from cyber hornets to frog memes, all expressed as part of Yoshi’s creative spirit. 

Yoshi’s spontaneous style was amazing to watch in real-time and we feel it is extremely powerful when combined with the intensity of the bitcoin skull. 

We hope you like it as much as we do.