“ Football Till I Die “ 

Collaboration piece with Yoshi Sislay ( @yoshisislay ), Issey Nakajima-Farran ( @11issey ) and Dag Force ( @dagforce ). 

Portraying the life of a footballer. 

The inspiration:

Is based on @11issey vision of ‘football till he dies’, which he believes many similar, passionate pro footballers, and fans of the game, can relate to. This includes many who have an undying passion for a sport or any career. Passion is born from negative aspects in that it really pushes you and tests your patience and hustle to improve and overcome challenges. Of course, we all enjoy the good moments, but it’s the bad ones that can really raise your game. 

The individuals: 


Is or was a professional footballer for 17 years playing across 10 different countries, 4 continents and played for his country, Canada, on 39 occasions even though he started off his career in Japan at the age of 18yrs old. Off the pitch, he expresses his views of the game in his paintings and has participated in numerous charity events with his art and showcases them in cafes and restaurants. 


A renowned glass graffiti artist who has drawn his flavor across Barcelona and Europe where many of his works are displayed in commercial spaces. A Japanese artist based in Barcelona who also loves football. Featured in many magazines, he employs a technique where he uses a permanent marker and a ‘go with the flow’ type approach in that he fears no mistakes. What happens while he is in his zone, is what you get. This makes him different from many artists as it is a nerve-racking approach to creating art. He is an animated and funny character who can light up any room with his presence and with his pen.


A musician, a rapper, a singer, a songwriter, and a challenger to his creative breed by expressing his work in New York, where no Japanese has ever successfully challenged before. He spent the majority of his 20 years in Tokyo performing many live events and concerts with his beautiful mixture of swag with singing and rapping which makes him different from many Japanese artists. Though a very popular rapper in Tokyo, he decided to take up a challenge by performing in front of a non-Japanese-speaking country. His talent is remarkable and shares the same passion of the “till I die” approach which he relates to with this passionate footballing art piece. 

3 different artists coming together to form this statement has been a remarkable journey. Sharing many similarities and a common passion for their genre.



 @dagforce @yoshisislay @11issey 








彼は音楽家、ラッパー、シンガー、そしてソングライター。20代はほぼ東京を拠点にライブイベントやコンサートに出演。歌やラップを独自のミックスでアレンジ。人気も定着した矢先、日本人ラッパーとして認められることが難しいニュヨークに拠点を移動させ活動中。素晴らしい才能と’till I die’ 死ぬまで続ける情熱に対する共感から今回のコラボに加わった。


Behind the scene of “Football Till I Die”